My name is Kelly Travis

I believe that when we make our health & wellness a priority, we will perform better in our careers, be more engaged & happy in our relationships and with our families, and we will learn the value of caring for ourselves.

We will thrive.

In the fall of 2012, I had a wake up call that came in the form of a positive pregnancy test. After I pulled myself off of the floor of my bathroom (burry eyed from panic and tears) and the reality of what was happening set in, it occurred to me that if I wanted to healthfully bring a child into this world I had better do some work on myself.

After years of being in a toxic relationship with food & exercise (and myself), struggling with workaholism and perfectionism, and lacking self-worth, I'm devoted to supporting other smart, driven, high performing women and men in prioritizing their wellness, so they can rise to the next level. 

The real magic happens when we look beyond nutrition and exercise and delve deep into the things that truly effect our health (think:stress, sleep, relationships, joy).

While working with CEO's and VP's all the way to entrepreneurs and rising stars, leading retreats & workshops, and growing my business over the past few years, I’ve seen the same thing again and again: When we are willing to peel the curtain back and take a hard look at what needs to change, really good stuff happens for us and as a result for our workplace, communities and families too.

Scroll down for more personal details...

A new revolution of health and wellness is asking us to question our habits, mindset and self-care. It is calling us to take a hard look at ourselves so we can do the work required to be able to step more fully into our roles as leaders, changemakers, parents, lovers, and friends. It requires us to choose ourselves so that we can do the deep work in order to be our best and thrive.
As our health shifts, our perspective on life shifts too.


Hello world!

I  started this crazy journey on June 17th, 1980. (Go ahead, do the math!) For those of you into astrology, that makes me a Gemini - and in many ways, I am true to that sign. My parents described me growing up as sensitive, driven and highly competitive...and that still remains true to this day.

Scroll down for a journey through my life. You'll find a bit of a description for those of you who dare to read and the rest of you - you can enjoy the visual ride and make up your own story. (It may be far more entertaining than my own!) 

Just click on the images and then use it as a slide show. (Kinda fun, and I can guarantee a few giggles.) 

The Younger Years: 

I grew up in a loving environment with a supportive family and plenty of opportunity. I tried my hand at the arts - tap dancing, piano playing and (terrible) saxophone skills - and quickly discovered that sports were my jam. I started out playing soccer but I was recruited away from the sport at a young age to pursue running. I had the awkward years, the popular years and FULL eyebrows all through the years. I battled with a lot of insecurity and while I had no shortage of friends - I kept my authentic self pretty close to the vest. I was a social butterfly (often getting in trouble), spent more time applying myself to my sport than academics (regretfully), and even at an early age was very intuitive - as I was the friend who listened, gave advice and never judged.


College (A Few To Be Exact)

These were tough years that played a huge part in who I am and the work I do today. I started my college career at UNCC on an athletic scholarship, but my time at UNCC (and my college running career) ended halfway through my Sophomore year (my last race was Nationals). This was when I had to drop out of college to be admitted into the hospital for a severe eating disorder that nearly cost me my life. While I did the work to heal physically, I never really shifted from surviving to thriving - and the emotional dysfunction was still very real. I (re)started college at MSU and that year was difficult. The memories I have of that time are of me battling depression and trying to find my way because up until that point my entire identity had been wrapped up in my athletic career. After a year at State, because I decided that I needed to dedicate my work to be in service to others (and my boyfriend went there), I chose to finish college at CMU where I graduated (in 2003) with a degree in Public Health with a focus on Mental Health. I started to find my way, taking on new hobbies and well, doing college stuff.

Career: Putting It All Together

My career has provided me the mash up of experiences that has led me to do the work I do today. I started my career working within government agencies (in NC) to help kids and young adults in a social work capacity. (A challenging, heart-wrenching gig fresh out of college!) Once I moved out to Las Vegas in 2006, I shifted gears (like REALLY shifted gears) and ended up using my listening/problem solving skills (and drive) to begin a career within the publishing/marketing industry. I moved up quickly and rose from a sales executive at an alternative weekly up through management and finally held dual roles as the Marketing Director of (then) Stephens Media and Publisher of the magazine division. On more than one occasion I played around with a side hustle (in fashion), with goals to eventually be my own boss. It was during a brief stint back east (when I began to do the work to uplevel my own health) that I got focused on pursuing the work I do now. And, in 2015, I birthed my second son and my business! This work is my purpose and my passion, and I am so thankful I get to help high performing women and men on a daily basis.


Some Of The Details

I got hitched at the age of 24 to my college sweetheart (reason #2 for going to CMU) and we started our life back down in NC. After a year or so there, we decided we wanted to shake things up so we moved out to Vegas. We were best friends, but as I started to change and heal from the eating disorder, so did our relationship. In 2010 we divorced and on that same evening I experienced a traumatic event. It was also which was the first time in my life that I had lost someone. And, unfortunately I lost 3 close family members within 2 years. Within a couple of years I met my second husband and became pregnant with our first son. (Insert Vegas drive thru wedding.) That pregnancy changed my life, including my perception of myself. We ended up doing a 2-year stint out east, Virginia and North Carolina, and it was during this time that I began to pivot - personally first and as a result professionally (see: Career). I did the deep work, the work I ask my clients to do, and slowly made small changes that led to BIG changes. We returned to Vegas (with a second son) and shortly after divorced (yep, that drive thru marriage didn't last). Today I am happy! I'm doing what I love, have a wonderful support system, and two adorable little humans of my own. Yes, life is hard and messy - but it's a beautiful chaos!

Kelly Travis positively impacts high performing individuals and organizations through her work and speaking. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Central Michigan University and is a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Kelly also has additional certifications with Precision Nutrition in performance nutrition and fitness training through NASM. Her passion for health and wellness started in college, where she was a collegiate All-American runner at UNC-Charlotte and then earned her Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Central Michigan University.

Kelly’s extensive background in sales, marketing and publishing in the competitive Las Vegas market allows her to seamlessly communicate with individuals and organizational teams on all levels to cultivate a sustainable healthy lifestyle that brings them joy and supports them to achieve big goals.