A mastermind for ambitious women who are ready

to master their mind and optimize their body so they can create the business and life they want.


Your mind and body are preventing you from hitting your goals.

You won’t hit that next revenue milestone…

You won’t be rocking the stages…

You won’t be launching a new product…

You won’t have more free time…

and you sure as hell won’t be having any fun.

So, when are you going to finally do something about it?


In order to prioritize your health and wellbeing—in a way that allows you to maintain your responsibilities—you will...

Increase Confidence using tools and strategies that have psychological and scientific backing and zero law of attraction bullshit.

Redefine Health on your own terms, and in a way that makes you feel good and allows you to handle your business.

Have some damn FUN while you take consistent action to get after those big goals. Because let’s be honest, it’s gonna get messy at times and it’s important to enjoy the process even more than the results. (Cocktails anyone?)

Everything is designed around these three key pieces to take you from “I’m fine” to a “I’m a vibrant badass who’s unapologetically ASCENDing”.



Joining a mastermind group and experiencing growth and connection requires that you be engaged. And if you do engage, I promise, you will experience major life shifts and create incredible connections. It’s an experience.

Here’s what it’s going to take:

  • Your commitment. Building a sustainable lifestyle and a business you love (that brings in more money) takes time and persistence. I’ve done it, and it takes a healthy amount of courage, decisiveness and a commitment to do the things that are outside of your comfort zone.

  • An openness and willingness to do things different than you have up to this point. Your way isn’t working, and it’s time to approach your business and your health in a new way.

  • A financial investment. The cost of this mastermind is not cheap but it’s a guaranteed way to get you out of the overwhelm and self-doubt and into action. Did I mention the increase in energy, productivity and your bank account that will occur?

Here’s what you’re going to get out of it:

  • I will help you figure out what stories and thought patterns are holding you back and how to move through them so you can reach that next level. #confidence

  • What habits you can incorporate to improve your health, energy and focus.

  • You’ll define and commit to your goals (personal and business) and we’ll co-create an action plan to reach them.

  • No-bullshit guidance from me, Kelly Travis. I want you to see what’s possible and in order to get there I’ll be stretching you in a way that has you saying, “holy shit this is scary, and I’m doing it!”

Women in this program have…

Launched a new product or service

Increased their revenue

Found peace with food and exercise (instead of feeling like they have to constantly work on it)

Left their secure job to go 100% into their business

Started to embrace their body - ALL OF IT

Gone after the big C-Suite gig (and landed it)

Left dissatisfying relationships

Oh, and don’t forget…learned how to have WAY more fun.

Basically - they have the guts to do really big shit and feel amazing doing it!

Because I anticipate getting a lot of applications and space is limited,

I want to be very clear who this program is for…

Please apply if:

  • You need a mastermind with other ambitious women who are as serious as you are about prioritizing health and wellness. No flimsy wishes, no flakiness, and no quick fix seekers. This is no bullshit. Every woman in this group is going to ASCEND.

  • You are willing to invest time, money and your whole self into reaching a new level of success in your business and life.

  • You’re successful, but you recognize you could reach an entirely new level in your business and life if you dialed in your confidence, habits and approach.

  • You’re ready be pushed to take some risks and unapologetically say - this is what I want and I’m going after it.

Please don’t apply if:

  • You aren’t interested in focusing on your health and well-being as the foundation for your professional success.

  • You have been in other courses or masterminds and haven’t made the time to do the work, show up for the calls, or interact with the other participants.

  • If your only goal is to lose 20lbs, this isn’t for you. I’ll help you achieve a new level of health, but I’m not writing you a meal plan. We’ve got bigger goals to get after.

  • You don’t have to make money come in the door and don’t care to grow your business. There’s nothing wrong with that, but this mastermind is for women who are ready to play big.

Like me, this program will be 100% real, powerful, productive and fun

If you want to up your game so you can reach peak mental and physical performance, enjoy the crap out of life in a way that has you waking up excited and going to bed full of gratitude, and be part of a powerhouse of women who have your back - Ascend is for you.